About Me

I am a historian, mum, swimmer and active Green Party campaigner.

I grew up in Devon, England, where I went to local state schools. I studied History at university, and then specialised in the History of Medicine for my PhD. I have researched and taught history at the University of Manchester, King’s College London, and the University of Leicester.

As an expert in social and medical history, I have written and spoken widely about histories of migration, medicine, and health, appeared on TV and radio in the UK and internationally, and in publications including the Independent, Time and History Today.

As Research and Communications Officer for the Royal Historical Society, I managed the website and social media, led projects on data protection and open access publishing, and co-wrote the RHS LGBT+ Histories and Historians report (2020).

Having joined the Green Party in 2019, I decided in 2020 to take a career break and focus on community-work and local politics.